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Department Intro

The Department, established in 1984, has developed traditions of being democratic and progressive nurtured by the highly regarded scholastic environment of National Tsing Hua University. Being located in the heart of Taiwan’s hi-tech industry, we have closed collaboration with the Industrial Technology Research Institute, Hsinchu Science Park, and world famous private companies, Hence, our students have excellent opportunities to cultivate networks for their career development. The department currently has 23 full time faculty members, all received PhD degrees from internationally renowned universities. Each faculty is fully committed to rigorous teaching as well as research. Engaged in congenial and cooperative atmosphere, our faculty members not only actively pursue their own researches, but also involve in collaboration with colleagues and outside scholars. The department has shown strengths in various areas including econometrics, industrial organization, institutional economics and international economics. While the faculty works in diverse fields, a common characteristic of their researches is the application of frontier theoretical and quantitative tools to the analysis of important practical issues, resulting in an achievement of publishing articles on internationally well-known journals. The energetic program of the Department of Economics provides such distinguishing fields as economics of sociology, environmental economics, law and economics, new economics history, economics organization, public choice, constitutional political economy, economic analysis on globalization and entrepreneurship. The department also offers conventional curriculums in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Money and Banking, Public Finance, Industrial Organization, Labor Economics, and International Economics etc. In addition, Econometrics, Game Theory, and Mathematical Economics provide students with rigorous analytical tools. While the M.A. graduate program in Economics aims at applying theories to actual economic phenomena, the Ph.D. program targets at academic excellence in both theories and applications. The department has moved into the College of Technology Management since 2005. Except for typical core courses, our students starting from 2009 are required to take courses with business perspectives, including Financial Management, Management, Accounting, and Commercial Law. To further enhance job opportunities of undergraduates, the department offers the “international Management Practice” program, and Marketing, Financial Markets, Futures and Financial Derivatives, and Economic and Business Law. We believe that the reorganization can motivate our faculty members to create novel economics research. It also provides our students in economics and management as a foundation for general understanding of the world.
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